South Dakota State LCSW Requirements

South Dakota LCSW Requirements
South Dakota LCSW Requirements

Following the completion of Florida State University's online Master of Social Work (MSW) degree, graduates can emerge well-versed in the methods and practices that will prove essential in your career pursuits. You will be primed to pursue the appropriate licensure to practice professionally in states that each set their own parameters for licensure. Below are the requirements for those seeking the Licensed Certified Social Worker (LCSW) designation in the state of South Dakota.


Essential South Dakota Requirements

Beyond the application paperwork and transcripts that everyone must submit, the following are the state of South Dakota mandates for those seeking the LCSW certification, along with a brief rationale as to why they are included:

  • Completion of an MSW degree program that is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) at a university that is also CSWE-accredited.
    • The CSWE is the nation’s leader in establishing and maintaining a standardized curriculum for social work students, so the achievement of this credential reassures the LCSW licensure board that applicants have attained an appropriate knowledge of the field.
  • Successful completion of the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) Master’s Level Exam.
    • The Master’s Level Exam is developed by the ASWB and is designed to weigh your knowledge of the best social work practices across a series of graded multiple-choice questions. These exams are administered in key locations across the state throughout the week (except for Sundays) and can be scheduled at your convenience.   
  • Payment of necessary fees.
    • Both the LCSW licensure application and the ASWB exam have associated fees. The exam fee must be paid with each exam attempt, while the application fee is valid for three exam attempts. That means that if you fail the ASWB exam, you may retake the exam twice more before restarting the application process entirely (provided, of course, that you wait the mandatory 90 days between each exam attempt).

With a degree in hand, a passing exam score, and the appropriate fees paid, hopeful LCSW applicants only have to await the decision from the state of South Dakota. If approved, a special certificate will be sent that will remain valid for a maximum of two years (all South Dakota LCSW license certificates expire the first of January of the second year after you receive your license). Renewal requires another application, fee, and proof of a minimum of 30 contact hours of continued education.


Follow Your LCSW Path with Florida State University’s MSW Program

Students enrolling in Florida State University’s online MSW degree can rest assured that the program and the university are in step with LCSW licensure requirements for the state of South Dakota. From a credentialing standpoint, Florida State University's online MSW program is proud to hold the mandatory CSWE program and university accreditations. The program can also help accelerate your progress toward licensure by offering students both a traditional and accelerated track depending on your academic background. While the traditional program captures new students without an undergraduate degree in social work, those who enter with a social work bachelor’s degree can choose the Advanced Standing program instead to finish your graduate degree in less time.

Graduates can also be confident that their academic preparation through the coursework of Florida State University’s online MSW program provides exceptional preparation to pass the ASWB exam. The study of central methodologies, combined with the real-world experiences relayed by the accomplished faculty, encourages students to fully digest the principles and practices of the field. This depth of knowledge, combined with the confidence it inspires, can create an ideal scenario for exam success.

South Dakota offers a unique set of requirements for LCSW licensing, but Florida State University's online MSW degree program makes sure you can accomplish them all. Florida State University's CSWE-accredited online MSW degree program offers an outstanding online education designed to meet the needs of today’s student professional.


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