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  • CSWE accreditedOnline MSW program accredited by CSWE
  • clinical focus iconClinically-focused curriculum

FSU offers an online learning community focused on your needs

Offering the first MSW of its kind in the country, FSU has the reputation and the experience to create a student-centric online experience where you’ll get to know your peers, faculty, and professional staff. You’ll go through a widely recognized program and come out a career-ready professional capable of working in a number of areas.

In addition to being part of an online program, FSU’s virtual learning environment, Canvas, will help you complete your degree from the comfort of your own home or anywhere you have a computer and an internet connection.

FSU also offers various virtual services through the Career Center such as career preparation and advising. FSU's .pdf of virtual services provided to students explains more about the program, or you can fill out the form on this page to obtain an online program brochure.


See answers to some important online experience questions below:

How does field placement work?

Field placement gives online students the opportunity to step out into the real world and gain valuable experience that will benefit them in the future. FSU provides field work coordinators for certain regions of Florida and holds many contracts within the state.

For out of state students, you will work with a field work coordinator as a team, as you are going to be more familiar with agencies in your immediate community. A field work coordinator will reach out a semester in advance to assist with locating a placement.

It is very difficult to secure a placement during nights and weekends as we want to make sure you have a supervisor onsite to help and mentor you and this is usually done during traditional working hours

What are expectations for checking the sites moving forward?

It is important to stay informed while a student at FSU. That’s why it is recommended that you check all platforms on a regular basis. However, Canvas and FSU email should be checked every day. 

What is the format of classes for Florida State University’s Master of Social Work?

FSU gives students a robust learning experience in an online learning environment. The format of online classes varies based on the professor. Some courses are going to require discussion boards, others are writing intensive, while some professors provide recorded lectures. The program is asynchronous, however, there are two classes that require weekend travel to Tallahassee for an intensive skill building experience. There is also an advanced level course that requires meeting via zoom on one Saturday during the semester of this upper level course. 

What’s the difference between the FSU portal, Canvas and FSU email?

The FSU portal is where you can access registration, financial awards and your personal information.

Canvas contains information about orientation, registration and your classes. Additionally, Canvas is where professors post all of their content/lessons for students.

Finally, FSU email, accessed through Outlook, is your school email. Important academic emails come through here from the university and staff. All three allow students to study remotely and stay informed.

A Preeminent University

Our devoted faculty and commitment to research help put us in the top 15% of social work graduate schools ranked by U.S. News & World Report.

Top Institution for Diversity

Join the vibrant FSU community consistently recognized by INSIGHT Into Diversity for its commitment to diversity and inclusion.

CSWE Accredited

As one of the first online MSW accredited by the Council on Social Work Education, we rigorously adhere to CSWE accreditation standards.

Connect With an Online Recruitment Advisor

Whether you just have a simple question or need advice to determine if this Master of Social Work program is right for you, our friendly recruitment advisors are here to guide you. They can chat with you about your schedule and guide you through the entire admissions process so that you feel confident moving forward.

Get in Touch With an Online Recruitment Advisor

My Advisor has impacted me tremendously ... she supported me the entire way through my MSW application process. She made it easier to complete all the necessary requirements and apply for the social work program I was meant to take. 
- S. Thompson