Where Can I Work With an MSW?

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If you’re looking for impactful ways to help people through your career, social work could be the right path for you. Even with 677,440 social workers in the United States, the job market for social work is still projected to grow by 89,200 new jobs between 2020 and 2030. 

Whether you’re looking to specialize in healthcare, mental health, or family and children, there are social work positions that you can fill. Take a look at our infographic to see the education levels of social workers in different industries and get a sense of social work employment across America. 

Social worker infographic


Where Can I Work With an MSW? 

Jobs for Master of Social Work graduates are booming from coast to coast. Wherever the zip code and whatever the sector, chances are there’s an exciting job opportunity waiting when you earn an MSW. 


All Across America 

  • There are currently 681,400 social workers nationwide
  • Social work jobs are projected to increase by 12% or 89,200 new jobs between 2020–2030


What a Workforce 

Social workers by industry  

  • Child, Family, and School: 48.15% 
  • Healthcare: 25.85% 
  • Mental Health and Substance Use: 17.14% 
  • Other: 8.86%  


Education level 

Child, Family, and School  

  • Doctoral or professional degree: 2% 
  • Master’s: 34% 
  • Bachelor’s: 41% 
  • Associate’s: 7% 
  • No degree: 16% 


  • Doctoral or professional degree: 2% 
  • Master’s: 28% 
  • Bachelor’s: 28% 
  • Associate’s: 10% 
  • No degree: 32% 

Mental Health and Substance Use (9) 

  • Doctoral or professional degree: 10% 
  • Master’s: 70% 
  • Bachelor’s: 13% 
  • Associate’s: 1% 
  • No degree: 6% 


Find Your Fit 
Where do social workers work? 
Social Worker Jobs are available in: 

Rehabilitation Centers 
Behavioral Health Clinics 
Veterans Affairs 
Community Agencies 
Private Practices 
Nursing Homes 
Health and Human Services 
Housing Organizations 

Join the Journey 

An online MSW from Florida State University College of Social Work will prepare you to change lives wherever you go. FSU’s MSW program is part-time and accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).