What Can You Do With an MSW? - Infographic


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With an increased demand for social services across the nation, career opportunities in social work are on the rise. A Master of Social Work degree is an essential step for professionals seeking a versatile career that can spark positive change in a variety of environments.

Career Opportunities in Social Work Are Growing

As more career environments become available in the field (on a micro and macro level), professionals with an MSW degree are in demand to fill new positions. In fact, social work is expected to experience 16% growth in careers through 2026.

As a whole, social work is growing two times faster than the average occupation.

Wide Horizons: Social Work Opportunities

With a Master of Social Work degree, professionals can make an impact in a wide range of settings. From community management (nonprofit leadership, homelessness response) to health (medical social work, gerontology) and working with families, children and youth, prospective social workers have a wide range of options available to them.

Focus Your Career With An MSW Concentration

As you earn your MSW, you can focus on a specialized discipline within the field. Florida State University’s College of Social Work offers the following certificate programs for online MSW students:

  • Child Welfare Certificate
  • Gerontology/Aging Studies Certificate
  • LEAD in Social Work Certificate

To learn more, read the above infographic by Florida State University!