Kentucky LCSW Requirements

Kentucky LCSW Requirements
Kentucky LCSW Requirements

From strong academics to exposure to current social work issues, Florida State University's online Master of Social Work (MSW) degree program encourages students to embrace various challenges in the field. For those who wish to pursue a career as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), one of the professional hurdles to master involves successfully completing licensure. This article covers the LCSW licensure requirements in the state of Kentucky to assist applicants in moving through the licensure process efficiently.


CSW Standing

The first step on the path toward LCSW status is to earn the Certified Social Worker (CSW) status. Key to earning this initial credential is to complete a masters program, like the online MSW at Florida State University, that is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). After graduation from such a program, CSW candidates must achieve a passing score on the Association of Social Workers Board (ASWB) Master’s level exam.


Two Years Full-Time Experience

Once a candidate has achieved this passing score and acquired the CSW designation, the next step is to garner crucial supervised work experience. The state of Kentucky mandates that LCSW candidates acquire a minimum of two years of full-time work experience within a clinical social work setting. These required hours can also be completed on a part-time basis but should be finished within three years. Of these hours, LCSW candidates must be able to demonstrate 200 recorded hours of supervised work experience within a clinical social work setting. A minimum of half of these hours must be acquired under one-on-one supervision by an LCSW-credentialed professional.



Candidates who have completed their supervised work experience must then submit an LCSW license application to the Kentucky Board of Social Work. Once the Board provisionally approves your application materials, you can then schedule your ASWB Clinical exam. This exam includes 170 multiple choice questions that cover a comprehensive range of concepts and skills necessary for success in the field of social work. The cost to register for the 2019 Clinical exam is $260. If you happen to fail you can retake the exam, however, you will have to wait at least 90 to re-register for the test.


LCSW Licensure

Once you request that your passing score on the ASWB Clinical exam be transmitted to the state of Kentucky’s Board, the final step you need to complete is to pay a $200 licensure fee to the state of Kentucky. From that point, all that is left is to wait for your LCSW license to arrive in the mail.

Achieving the LCSW credential in the state of Kentucky can be a challenging process that requires the utmost dedication to complete. Graduates from Florida State University’s online MSW degree are primed for success on this path to licensure, though, thanks to the program’s exceptional academic foundation. Expert faculty spur students to embrace key concepts and principles in each course, resulting in an environment wherein students can be primed to achieve their ultimate career potential as LCSW professionals.


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