Hear From an MSW Online Graduate: Why Ashton Wanted To Further Her Education Into Social Work (Part 2)

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Hello all, and welcome back. I have officially completed my Master of Social Work through FSU’s online program. While graduation day was not what I had pictured for the past three years, I still feel incredibly accomplished.

I am so proud of all my fellow students who have grown into incredible social workers through this program. I know they will go on to better serve people at the micro, mezzo and macro levels.

The decision to continue my education was an easy one for me. I was one of the lucky ones to have a position already secured before I graduated with my bachelor’s degree.

After graduation, I drove down to Miami to begin a job at a child welfare agency. This position required me to go through three months of intensive training. I was able to learn from several seasoned social workers who all reiterated that to move up in my profession, I would need an MSW.

I began exploring my options. I had some concerns about online classes in the past, but after taking online classes during my undergraduate degree, I was impressed by how structured they were and how much information I pick up working on my own.

My concerns quickly went away. Surprisingly, I felt even closer to my professors and teaching assistants on the online platform. I communicated with them freely and built lasting relationships.

And because I was working full-time at my job in child welfare, which I genuinely enjoyed, I knew I wanted to do an online program.


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Since my undergraduate experience at Florida State was so incredible, it was naturally the first school I looked at.

I reached out to the College of Social Work and was helped through the whole process. I had a plethora of questions, as I wanted to do everything correctly.

If I needed clarification, I was always pointed in the right direction. I was provided a program guide that was immensely useful in exploring different supplemental certifications as well as courses offered.

The more I looked into the online MSW program at Florida State, the more excited I became. 


msw online application

I submitted an online application that was user-friendly and provided a statement of purpose and resume. I enjoyed writing my statement of purpose as it helped to ground me and think critically about the questions.

In addition, a GRE score is required but check with an advisor as there is now a GRE waiver that requires certain criteria to be met.

Throughout the enrollment process, I had the assistance of the enrollment advisors. These individuals provide you with all the answers you need to ensure that your enrollment process is a smooth one.

When I was applying, I did not meet all of the criteria I needed to get into the program. The program requires a 3.0 GPA on your undergraduate studies, and I had finished mine with a 2.9.


look back

As a result, I ended up having to write a supplemental letter explaining why I believe I would be able to handle the demands of a graduate program.

This essay provided me with an opportunity to look back onto my undergraduate years and see how I could improve myself further.

I was able to successfully articulate that to the application reviewers by explaining my struggles during my undergraduate career.

Don’t get discouraged if you have similar struggles.


msw online benefit

My trainers and social work mentors spoke so highly about an MSW degree and about how many doors that continuing my education would open for me in my career.

I saw quickly how accurate this was. Once I began taking classes, I started receiving promotions right away.

Seeing how impressed the hiring managers were at my work that I was continuing my education confirmed that I had made the right decision.

It also made me realize the need for more social workers with advanced degrees.


florida state university support

Florida State had always provided me with the most supportive teachers and staff, and that support is key. I have always felt as though my professors and TAs have only wanted the best for me.

They have always been reassuring and will provide me with the proper support and guidance I needed to succeed.

The university also offers a multitude of other resources, including tutoring, librarians, success coaches, and counseling sessions among many others.

One of my favorite FSU resources is the ProfessioNole Mentors Program, in which I participate as a mentor.

The program connects students with alumni and friends of the university that provide them with guidance and advice.


msw online florida state university

I was so amazed by all that Florida State had to offer it was through this program that it is the only graduate program I applied to.

Luckily for me, my application was accepted, and I have felt nothing but lucky throughout the entire program.

I have always felt like I was being guided in the right direction and that I still had someone to turn to in the event that I may ever need anything.

I recommend all of you take the time to speak with an enrollment advisor as well as download the program guide.

Both will provide you with copious amounts of information as well as the reassurance that you are making the right decision in considering this program of study.


Why not get started by downloading your own program guide today?