Tips for Writing a Great Statement of Purpose

Tips for Writing a Great Personal Statement blog header
Tips for Writing a Great Personal Statement blog header

The Statement of Purpose demonstrates both your ability to communicate and a sense of your character as a prospective student with unique qualifications for the FSU Online MSW program. In short, it shows the admissions committee evidence of your ability to function as an independent thinker. Writing the Statement of Purpose is a crucial part of the application process.

To start, think about your life, work and success. Consider what makes you who you are; what experiences, goals, achievements—including any awards—failures, successes and ideals have shaped your life? Be introspective and think about why. Give clear examples supporting your points.

For example, if you claim that certain experiences made an impact on your character, simply describe the nature of the hardship and, then, explain why it matters.

Focus on answering the questions asked.

Read the Statement of Purpose questions carefully so you can be sure to fully answer the three required questions for the Statement of Purpose. Still feel as though you need to supply the Admissions Committee with more information about why you would be a terrific candidate for the MSW program? If your record doesn't fully reflect your potential, your statement would be a great place to tell the committee how you would be able to meet the demands of graduate education.

Keep your audience in mind.

You’re writing the statement for admission into a university online program. So, stay on point with the questions asked and don’t deviate from your purpose to show an ability to perform under pressure, guide your own progress and advancement and seek and acquire new knowledge, insight and mastery of facts, analysis and subjects. Keep the statement to 3 to 6 double-spaced pages.

Proofread, edit and check your statement.

...for spelling, punctuation, formatting, and grammatical errors—and, especially, for clarity. The statement is an important way for the university and admissions committee to judge whether and why you may become a student in good standing here in the graduate MSW program at FSU Online. Be sure to have someone you know and trust proofread your statement. Even better if you can find a second proofreader.

With clarity, concision and a positive, purposeful approach, you can write a statement that connects your life experiences to your academic and professional goals and philosophy and gives us a strong sense of who you are. Good luck and happy writing!


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