How Social Workers Elevate Others

How Social Workers Elevate Others header
How Social Workers Elevate Others header


By Carol Campbell Edwards, Coordinator, Assistant Teaching Professor, College of Social Work, Florida State University


Social Work Month is all about ELEVATION! Social workers elevate people, ideas, policies and practice. The 2019 NASW Theme and Rationale for Social Work Month states that, “You can find social workers literally everywhere – including in schools and colleges, hospitals, veteran centers, mental health facilities, local and federal government, the corporate world and in agencies that help children find new families through adoption and protect children from abuse and neglect.”


For those of us who enjoy change and innovation focused on social justice and equality, social work provides a voice. For those passionate about creating access to resources needed to improve the quality of life for individuals, families and communities, social work provides an opportunity. For those who simply feel a heart and soul commitment to making the world a better place, social work provides a framework. So often these issues are on the bottom of the priority list for funding and focus, yet they touch each of us. This month social workers around the world call attention to these issues, we raise them up, we elevate them. Happy Social Work Month 2019!

How Florida State University Faculty Prepare Future Social Workers to Elevate Others

Listen to Fran Gomory, Director of the MSW Program at FSU Online, explain how important preparation is to working with vulnerable clients: [please embed video]

"The online program allows some students who would not otherwise have the opportunity to obtain an MSW degree to do so, getting wonderful experience along the way. I have met many students at graduation who have been so pleased with their experience at Florida State University, College of Social Work."